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Early life nutrition

The Early life nutrition market is in need for very high quality products, management systems, certifications as well as the required global registrations. Although infant formulas will never replace human breast milk, it should be the best altarnative available and in terms of it’s properties be as close as possible to breast milk. Impact Ingredients offers very high quality healthy ingredient solutions that support our youngest generation. Impact Ingredients sustainable Omega 3 and 6 products from both fish as well as vegetable origin as well as vegetable MCT products have a more than 30 years proven track record in this market segment. Through mutual innovations the product portfolio is being extended continuously both in terms of functional characteristics, sustainability as well as regarding it’s packaging.

Adult nutrition

Especially in today’s time, innovative high quality healthy and sustainable ingredients are of great interest for the Adult nutrition market. The Omega 3, 6 and MCT product solutions of Impact Ingredients are used in Medical nutrition applications all over the world as well as in Dietary supplements (OTC and Pharma), Sport and Weight management as well as in Functional foods.

Pet nutrition

Many pet owners consider their pets as being their own children. For this reason, we see the same trends in Pet nutrition following the Human nutrition market. Heart health, weight management, brain development, immunity and skin/fur care are key areas of interest in the Pet nutrition market and rightly so. Impact Ingredients Omega 3 and 6 as well as it’s MCT oil range make it a perfect fit with this market with also a very high focus on sustainability.


With a long history in the Cosmetics segment Impact Ingredients has sourced the very best global raw material vegetable oils that fit this high quality demanding market. It’s product solutions can be offered as individual products or as tailor-made blends.

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